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PEB Buildings

PEB Buildings

Nine buildings that four of them was in the airfield have been made for the U.S. Air Force and the Army. 

Electrical systems are compatible with the NEC in that buildings and EMT, Rigid and IMC type conduit are used in manufacturing.

All electrical materials, cables and armatures have been bought from United States of America.  208/120 VAC has been applied in that buildings. 208/120 VAC generator has been placed for each building. The circuit can be controlled manually if the power cut in the transformer.

The fire detection system also has been supplied from United States of America Lighting fixtures have been supplied including the emergency battery and they can provide emergency lighting during a power outage from two to five hours.

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 3004 C-130 Maintenance Admin PEB

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 3008 Army OPS PEB   

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 3012 ECES Storage PEB 

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 3013 A-10 AMU PEB  

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 3015 HH-60 AMU PEB  

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 5121 ECES PEB HQ  

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 5122 ECES Power Elec. Heavy Shop  

PEB (Pre-Engineered  Building) Building 5127 C-130 OPS. PEB

Electrical Subcontracting Services have been provided in this entire project that is carried out by Yuksel Construction Inc. in Afghanistan.